Departure Day Morning

Wow. This is really happening. In a little less than 8 hours we’re going to be boarding the ferry to Vancouver and starting our epic 34 hour journey to Uganda.

So far things are coming together pretty well.

Thanks to Ethiopian Airlines’ generous 36 hour check-in window, Marie and I were able to go in at 9pm last night and check us all in for our Ethiopian Airlines flights – a good thing because our original assigned seats for the 13 hour flight from Toronto to Ethiopia were all pretty much middle seats at the very back of the plane… Ugh… In the end, we weren’t able to get great seats and we’re not all sitting together but the seats we have now are much better than when we started so everyone should be reasonable happy…

After that it was off to bed… but only for a couple of hours because we needed to get up again at 12:45am (because Air Canada doesn’t have a 36 hour check-in window…grrr…) to check-in the Air Canada flights from Vancouver to Toronto. Our original assigned seats for this flight were much better so we only had to make a couple of minor tweaks so that, in the end, while we’re not all sitting together everyone pretty much has a window or an aisle seat as requested. And at the moment it looks like the flight is pretty empty (not surprising considering it is a true red-eye departing at 12:45am!) so we might be able to move around a bit… maybe even get an empty seat beside us… the Holy Grail of flying…

Even better, it also looks like all of our flights are linked at the Air Canada end of things so we should be able to get all our boarding passes reprinted in Vancouver (where we have oodles of time before our flight departs). This will save us some time in Toronto where we only have a 90 minute window to get to our 11am flight to Ethiopia…


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