Our Itinerary

Thursday, June 28
– We all arrive separately at the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, say our goodbyes, shoulder our bags and make our way to the departure “lounge” (for those of you familiar with being a foot passenger on BC Ferries, you know what an exaggeration that is). 6:00pm – Ferry departs for Vancouver (assuming we’re not leaving in gale force winds and the ferry doesn’t suffer one of it’s semi-regular “mechanical issues”)
8:00pm – Catch transit to Vancouver International Airport (given that the bus from the ferry to terminal to the Skytrain station is usually crammed tighter than sardines, this should be awesomely fun with travel bags).
9:00pm – After a brief prayer to the god(s) of travel and a small ritual sacrifice, we’ll cautiously approach the Air Canada counter to check-in for our flights, get our boarding passes, and say goodbye to (I mean check) our luggage. Then we’ll clear security. And wait. And wait…

Friday, June 29
– Assuming we placated the travel gods earlier, we’ll be called to board our flight around this time.
12:45am – Air Canada Flight AC182 (otherwise known as the Red-Eye Express) departs for Toronto – assuming of course that we have not angered the travel gods somehow in our short time at the Vancouver Airport
08:11am – We land in Toronto, deplane and make our way to International Departures, clear customs and all the usual stuff
11:00am – Ethiopian Airlines flight ET503 departs for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Saturday, June 30
08:20am – Land in Addis Ababa, Ethiopa and quickly find our way to our next flight which leaves in just over 90 minutes!!
10:00am – Ethiopian Airlines flight ET332 departs for Entebbe Airport in Uganda.
12:05pm – Land at Entebbe Airport, clear customs, purchase our East Africa travel visas, collect our luggage (fingers crossed!!) and make our way out of the airport
2:00pm – Meet Craig – the founder of Insight Global Education – our travel Jedi and start following our FULL EAST AFRICA ITINERARY

By this point it will be around 4:00am in Victoria so we will have been traveling for just over 34 hours.  I pity the poor customs official or baggage claim clerk who gets on Marie’s bad side at this point…