Departure Day Part 2

We arrived at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal right on time (well most of us at least) and took advantage of their 50% off fares for students on school trips so only had to part with a couple of pounds of flesh. After the requisite wait in the completely misnamed departure “lounge” we were soon able to board – and headed straight for the cafeteria to stock up on yummy ferry food. Darcie would like it recorded that her chicken strips were unusually small… she was not amused…

The ferry ride passed uneventfully. Except for Darcie’s chicken strips. They were pretty tiny. And the plague kid. If humanity is ever wiped out by some virus it will start with a kid just like this one – some 4 year old kid hacking up a lung while his parents gaze unconcernedly out the window…

We arrived in Vancouver and navigated the complexities of purchasing a ticket for the bus and sky train to Vancouver Airport. It was not particularly exciting. We rode the bus and sky train to the Airport. Plague kid was on the bus.

Eventually we arrived at the airport and had a very helpful Air Canada agent – they do exist!! – reprint our boarding passes and make sure that we were checked in all the way to Uganda. We were. Then it was time to dump our bags (Bethany won lightest pack hands down with an 8kg bag) and from there head for security screening… it was exciting.

No really, it was… we rounded the corner to see the line stretching to the distant horizon… even people working in the airport were snapping photos of the damned… I mean the endless line of weary travellers… surprisingly the line moved quite quickly and we made our way through security without incident. The security screener checking our bags said she had never seen it this busy in 15 years. We’ve never seen the screening at YVR go so smoothly or quickly.

Now we’re at our gate waiting for our 12:15am boarding call… all in from ferry to gate took us just over 4 hours… and so far pretty uneventful. Except for those tiny chicken strips…

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